CC120-W Hanging Light Booth Viewer-3NH

Brand: TILO
Made in China
Configuration: D65, D50, TL84
Weight: 72KG

CC120-W Hanging Color Viewer light booth is widely applied to printing industry, furnishings and color matching of the printing ink industry etc.. It is a necessity for those industry to control the colors and qualities of products. 

CC120-W hanging light booth supports 3 versions, single light source, double light source, and 3 light sources. Standard light source is D65, D50, U30, and we offer TL84, UV, CWF ,TL83 for optional.  This machine is controlled by microcomputer, which allows the rapid conversion between each light source. The Color Viewer also has the function of display the running time of each light source.


Operation instructions:

1. Insert the power cord and the docking station into the power socket of the color viewer.The power socket at the top of the color viewer, and the other end is connected to the mains power supply (note that the mains power supply must match the input power indicated by the color viewer).
2. Select a light source switch to press, the corresponding light source lamp lights up, and the timer of the color viewer starts to count. o switch the light source, you can turn off the front light source and then press the light switch that needs to be lit. To turn on two or more light sources at the same time, simply press two or more light source switches at the same time.
3. Place the item to be inspected in the middle of the table. When comparing the color of two or more items, place them side by side on the table top and compare them as far as possible in the middle position. When working, the table top should not be placed with anything unrelated to work, so as not to affect the color change.
4. After the test is completed, turn off all the light source lamp switches that have been turned on. Turn off the power when not in use after work, and unplug the power cord when not in use for a long time.
5. Replace the new lamp tube. There are two white cap screws on the front of the light-transmissive glass. You can unscrew the two screws and gently open the light-transmissive glass and lower it. Remove the lamp that needs to be replaced and install the new lamp. Pay attention to different light sources, different positions of the lamp, don't make mistakes.


Color viewer daily use and maintenance considerations:

1. Use of standard light source: After the light source lamp is illuminated for 30 minutes, the color temperature, color rendering index and illuminance reach the best state; if there is no special reason, frequent switching should be avoided to prolong the life of the lamp.
2. Light source lamp life: After using 2000-3000 hours,the color temperature, color rendering index and illuminance of the standard light source lamp will be attenuated. It is recommended to replace it in time to avoid affecting the color effect.
3, cleaning and maintenance: Please unplug the power plug before cleaning and maintenance, cut off the power, please use a regular cleaning agent to wipe the device with a clean soft cloth, avoid washing directly with water.


Easy troubleshooting:


 Turn on the switch,but lamps are not bright 1 The power cord is intact and plugged into the outlet;
2 The lamp holder position may be loose,tighten it;
3 If the lamp is damaged or burned out,replace it;
The surface of the board is reflective and dim Clean with a clean, soft cloth;
Light source timer does not count Press the reset button to restart.


Warranty description:

1. The light source products are guaranteed for one year.If there is any product quality problem within one year,our company will be responsible for repair or replacement;
2. All of our products have standardized packaging. If the user finds the package or the product inside is damaged, please contact us immediately, so that we can handle it for you;
3. Replace professional standard light source lamp after it's damaged;

If you have problems with installation or use, please contact our technical engineers directly.


Lamp introduction:

Special artificial daylight source for printing
1.D50 standard light source lamp Simulate Daylight Warm daylight
◆High color rendering index CRI≥95 or CRI=98
◆According to ISO 3664:2009 printing standard observation conditions
◆Graphica Pro, COLOR proof series for the exclusive use of imported printing machine
60cm 18W/950 T8 Graphica Pro imported from Europe
120cm 36W/950 T8 Graphica Pro imported from Europe
2.D65 standard light source lamp Simulate Daylight Cold daylight
◆High color rendering index CRI≥95 or CRI=98
◆According to ISO 3664:2009 printing standard observation conditions
◆Special light source for color viewer and color light box,T60+ P60+ CC120 series
60cm 18W/965 T8 Graphica Pro imported from Europe
120cm 36W/965 T8 Graphica Pro imported from Europe


Other common light sources

CWF light source lamp (4150K, cool white fluorescent, US store light source)
TL84 light source lamp (4000K, European and Japanese store lighting source)
U30 light source lamp (3000K, American store lighting source)
U35 light source lamp (3500K, designated light source of United States Target Department)
Light source tube (UV source for the detection of products using fluorescent and whitening dyes)
A light source bulb (2856K,American shopwindow spotlight/home incandescent light,color reference light source)



Boundary dimension 130 cm x 76 cm x 10 cm (length) x (width) x (height)
Material Real aluminium alloy material
frame materials Aluminum alloy profile streamlined design beautiful and elegant imported reflector Uniform light coverplate and illumination
Uniform light coverplate Openable uniform light coverplate for easy lamp replacement
Hanging material Hooks at the back and a load-bearing steel chain that can be hung directly to the ceiling or fixed to the rack
Light Source Conforms to ISO3664 international standard
Color temperature D50 (5000K) or D65 (6500K)
Lamp series Graphica for the exclusive use of imported printing machine
Color rendering index D50: CRI ≧ 95 or CRI = 98 D65: CRI ≧ 90 or CRI = 95
Number of lamps 36Wx4 (pcs) - with light source timer